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meetchristina I’m happy you took the time to check out my website, thank you. Here you’ll find topics that interested me over the past 15 years and worked in my life. I try to keep it unbiased, fun and motivating. My fitness journey started when I was around 14 years old. I was taken back by the fact that we have the power to take control over the way we want to look and feel, that it’s not something just predetermined...
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bmrcalculator We have a fully-functional BMR Calculator and it has been one of the most visited pages on my blog so far! This is exciting news for me as I'm thrilled to see so many people interested in their caloric intake needs. I'm a firm believer in the importance of knowing what your daily caloric intake should be before you dive into any fitness regimen. Check it out by visiting my
BMR Calculator
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weeklyfitnesschallenge Join the ChristinasFitness Weekly Challenge! You'll lose weight, become healthier, look better and feel great. Start with Week 1 and on every 7th day, move on to the 2nd week's challenge. A new challenge is posted every Sunday evening for the following week starting Monday (the next day). You'll learn how to live a healthier, happier, more active life so that you'll look and feel great. Earn your life!
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fitnessplateau You’ve been working out and eating healthy consistently for months now. In the beginning the weight just fell off and continued to every week. Your confidence soared, your clothes fit better and you were getting compliments left and right. Then it happened – the plateau. This happens to everyone at some point along their journey. Unfortunately, this is where most people get frustrated, quit and [...]
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elitenutrition Elite Nutrition is an eBook that I wrote specifically for my Fit To Live newsletter subscribers. It's free, and it's full of information to help you succeed in losing weight and looking sexy. It includes a detailed meal plan guide and a printable food and exercise journal to help you stay accountable and in line with your fitness goals. It's free and will only take about half an hour to read through - so get it now!
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thinkpositivefitness It’s said that we have more than 60,000 thoughts every single day! These thoughts can either make us stand tall in confidence, or knock us to our feet and emotionally beat us down. Our mind and thoughts, if we let it, can be our own worst enemy and the one thing that stands in our way of success. A lot of us may be doing it more than we realize and it can actually be the one thing that we needed to master all along. Once we learn how to [...]
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