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Christina will help you see results fast through proven techniques, guided programs and proper education.

Top Notch Booty

Top Notch Booty

Were you genetically cursed with a flat booty? Do you have a booty, but you just want to tighten it up, lift it and make it fuller and rounder? Let's Christina guide you to your ideal booty!

Flat Belly Challenge

Flat Belly Challenge

Read more about the steps to getting rid of the excess body fat, creating a more shapely, & flatter you!

7-Day Boost

7-Day Boost

What can a measly seven days do for you? Christina has the answer!

Bikini Prep Guide

Bikini Prep Guide

Everything you need to know about competing from 6 months out to stepping on stage!

Weekly Meal Planning

Success through proper, enjoyable meals. With Christina's guidance, it's never been easier.

General meal plans created to help you balance your meals, remove the guesswork and eat healthier without sacrificing taste.

Don't get lost with overly-generalized meal plans. Get with Christina to truly forge an effective nutrition program.

BMR Calculator

Know where you stand, and what your goals are. It's easy to calculate your body's current nutritional needs, using our handy BMR (Body Mass Ratio) calculator.

Meet Christina

Who is Christina and Why You Should Get to Know Her...

With 19 years of experience in nutrition and fitness, Christina combines results-oriented principles with simplified and realistic approaches to help you achieve your dream body and lifestyle.

Join Weekly Challenges

Join the ChristinasFitness Weekly Challenge! You'll lose weight, become healthier, look better and feel great. Start with Week 1 and on every 7th day, move on to the 2nd week's challenge.

Break Your Plateau

Feeling stuck sucks. Break through with these proven and uncommon plateau-smashing techniques.


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Success Stories


"For me, I must have started 827 times before I finally got it right. And that’s no exaggeration. My “fitness journey” began when I was 14 years old (in 1997), after I decided to pick up a fitness magazine off the shelf at the grocery store I was cashiering at..."

~ Name,
City, State


"Sed massa libero, condimentum quis pharetra tempus, semper dapibus ante. Nulla placerat felis eget accumsan gravida.Quisque nec quam sed lorem pretium eleifend tempus sit amet odio. Vivamus ultrices dolor eu ante consectetur, feugiat gravida magna pretium. Fusce ut fermentum turpis."

~ John Johnson,
City, State


"Aenean ac turpis venenatis, faucibus turpis non, scelerisque quam. Praesent mattis condimentum tempus."

~ Jack Jackson,
City, State

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