You’re about to discover the most effective way to lose weight, build muscle, and live a healthy lifestyle for good… without hating what you eat, and without having to guess about what’s next – ever again.


Helping to Change Thousands of Lives

After struggling herself with binge eating, weight issues, and lifestyle troubles, Christina knows how to get you on the healthy path

"I learned that a lot of people love the idea of a Personal Trainer, but they also love their privacy.

I’ve found that a lot of people find it challenging to have to save their “questions” for the next round of meetings at the gym with a trainer.

I think that a Personal Trainer should be available to their clients daily, at every hour, in order to support questions, concerns, decision-making, and/or weak moments."

Online Coaching Whenever You Need It

Christina's coaching uses a personalized, interactively-designed online fitness program to help you accomplish your personal goals & transform your lifestyle.


Affordable & Flexible

Spend a fraction of what you'd spend on a personal fitness trainer while meeting your personal scheduling needs & requirements.


Private & Accessible

Work from the comfort of your own home! Send questions directly to Christina for a critical advantage to meeting your goals.


Weekly Grocery Lists

Every week, you get a new grocery shopping list with everything you need to buy – down to the individual egg! It’s included at no additional cost.


Video Instructions

Access an entire collection of videos & pictures - and if you need a customized one, Christina will do a personal video training just for you!

Proven Strategies & Stages

Christina's Coaching Program is based on a success-proven outline by actual published research and studies.

Effective, Lasting Transformations

Alongside your customized Exercise and Meal planning, you'll go through 5 stages during the entire length of the program, addressing the following stages:

  1. Contemplation Stage (considering a change): a detailed assessment of why you want to change and introduction to the program.
  2. Preparation Stage (getting ready to make a change): the do’s and don'ts of change and the keys to successfully creating healthy habits
  3. Action Stage (actively making a change, but short-term):
  4. Maintenance Stage (maintaining a new healthy lifestyle for long-term success)

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