Diary Of A Fit Mommy Who’s Conquering Breast Implant Illness

I want you to really take this in: a lack of self-love and acceptance can lead you to making some harmful and truly life-altering decisions. Some of those decisions are NOT for the better… as made evident through my own story, and through the story of my friend Sia (I’ll introduce you to her below).

But alas, some of us make these decisions and we have to live with them, and eventually do something about it. This is the story of a woman who has decided to do something about it.

Through my own personal experience with Breast Implant Illness, I’ve made some beautiful connections with other women online and on social media. And yes – that’s one VERY positive outcome of this whole self-love discovery and experience I’ve been having.

One of those connections just so happened to be with Sia from Diary Of A Fit Mommy.

Sia and I are alike in a lot of ways. 

We both had our own struggles with body image and eating disorders when we were younger, while working in the fitness industry (yeah, it happens more than you know).

Both of us got breast implants in our early 20’s because we thought they’d make us happier and more confident.

Both of us have grown and discovered that this way of thinking (and feeling) does not serve you, your life, your purpose, your confidence and certainly not your life as a whole.

A little background about Sia:

In 2011, after losing 50 pounds, Sia decided to get 400cc silicone gel breast implants.

At this time she was 21 and married to her now ex-husband, who encouraged her to get implants because he said it would spice up their relationship. (sounds familiar, anyone?)

This was years before having kids or starting her blog, Diary Of A Fit Mommy.

A few years after her breast augmentation, in 2014, Sia remarried and had a baby.

She was excited, happy and confident about all the wonderful things happening in her life.

But the excitement and happiness didn’t last for long.

Eventually, Sia started experiencing worsening anxiety and depression, on top of lethargy and general lack of energy. She chalked it up to just being a new mommy, though…

Years went by and not only did her mental health and fatigue get worse, but she also started experiencing daily:

  • massive hair loss
  • mood swings
  • headaches
  • brain fog

Sia got test after test and everything was coming back “normal“.

Then one day in 2018, a friend brought up Breast implant Illness with her. At first, she was in denial because there was no definitive proof or studies conducted about the potential risks associated with breast implants. She had also not discovered a warming, encouraging online community of other women with the same concerns and questions.

After doing some digging and joining a supportive Facebook Group, she was in shock to see that tens of thousands of women, just like her, had the same cluster of symptoms that were said to be associated with Breast Implant Illness.

Although terrified of another surgery and what she might look like without breast implants, Sia consulted with a surgeon and made the decision – she was going to explant, and set the date.

Sia’s story is like SO many women who might be facing breast implant illness as a mom. Her questions are like so many others. Her fears are like so many others. So, if you’re reading this and have these things – questions, fears, doubts – you are not alone. Start your research (or continue it if you’ve started it). Send someone a message. Ask questions. Set up an appointment with a surgeon to just inquire.

You’ll be better off for it, and like Sia, wont regret making the decision to get healthy. I can attest to it, having explanted and literally experiencing a healthy transformation into a whole new person.

Below is a brief interview I had with Sia, in her own words and perspective.

My Interview with Sia About Her Experience with Breast Implant Illness as a Mom

After you found out about B.I.I., was it a no brainer to explant?

  • As a former nurse I wanted to be skeptical. But after my blood tests came back normal time after time, I knew it had to be the implants. I’m willing to explant to find out.

Any emotional or physical things you’re going through that you’d be comfortable sharing?

  • Yes. Being a mom and barely able to play with my kids is saddening. I feel like the worst Mom because my health is declining day after day. My explant is for them as well.

What symptoms are you currently experiencing and when did you start to really worry?

  • It started with hair loss and fatigue, which I thought was thyroid related, but my thyroid tests came back normal. However the hair loss and fatigue are so bad now. I have moments where I can not get out of bed. The brain fog is so severe that I have trouble driving and forming complete sentences. Also experiencing changes in my vision and temperature intolerances.

For those reading this, who might be going through the same thing right now, what pieces of advice would you like to tell her?

  • To listen to your body. Don’t rely on blood tests. Trust your gut. You know when something is wrong because your body will react and give you symptoms to tell you.

So, there you have it. I swear, her story is so identical to my own.

Everything from my symptoms being triggered after my pregnancy, to chalking it up to having a baby, test after test with no real answer. Wondering if I was “just this way” or if it was all in my head. Going through the doubt, the questions, the fear…

It’s all so common.

Over the next few months Sia will be sharing more details, more in depth… so follow up with her from time to time.

And if this sounds like you, again, please know there is support for you. You don’t have to go through this alone, and you CAN find answers to your questions, you CAN experience relief from fear, and you CAN be confident in making a decision for your health… for your life.

Not everyone who has breast implants experiences symptoms and side effects, but a vast majority do and are coming forward… like Sia.

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here’s to health, rejuvenation and massive self love,

❤︎ Christina Roulund-Dennis









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