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The New Name of Aspartame Is Now AminoSweet!

Posted on 01. Dec, 2014 by .


A brief note before you read on: Aspartame has been a highly controversial topic for decades among researchers, the FDA, and big for-profit companies that are in bed with lawmakers. I make every effort to provide facts (and my own opinions) that are backed by research and study. Below are my findings and my thoughts […]

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All About Nectresse

Posted on 22. Sep, 2012 by .


With obesity and diabetes on the rise, it’s no wonder that there are more companies jumping on the “no calorie all-natural sweetener” bandwagon. There are sugar-free options for just about everything these days; sugar-free cream for your coffee, sugar-free jelly for your toast, sugar-free cookies and even sugar-free salad dressings. But are these sweeteners really […]

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Are Sugar Substitutes And Diet Soda Linked To Weight Gain?

Posted on 22. Feb, 2012 by .


“I’ll take a large Big Mac meal and a diet soda.” Sound familiar? Besides that Big Mac, (which has 704 calories- 43 grams of fat- 17 grams of saturated fat- and almost half the sodium and cholesterol you need in just one day) your fake sugar substitute-zero calorie carbonated soft drink you order could be […]

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How Sugar Affects The Body

Posted on 04. Sep, 2011 by .


What a stressful day already! I woke up late, feel groggier than ever, I forgot I had a Doctor appointment this afternoon, and my kids have a half day at school. Looks like I have to grab something quick for breakfast again. Sound familiar? It’s very likely that grabbing that frosted donut and large coffee […]

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