My Supplement Stack 2013

I’m someone who like to stay lean while trying to build. Some people don’t mind gaining a little weight while building, but I’m already not a huge eater so it’s near impossible. Although I tend to eat enough protein, carbs and fats everyday, I still struggle with adding on size (muscle) through diet alone, that’s why I count on so many supplements to help me. My current fitness routine consists of heavy weights (not too heavy to where my form isn’t perfect), doing 4 sets of anywhere from 7-15 reps, depending.

I’m currently 5’4″ 106.4lbs

My ideal calorie needs are 1,900-2,000

Find out your BMR here

150-175 grams of protein and carbs a day from foods like eggs, shakes, chicken, ground turkey, flank steak, tilapia, salmon, sushi, oatmeal, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, fruit and Ezekiel bread.

My fats are around 40 grams a day from foods like avocado, almonds, fish and oil

I’m one of those people that have no problem with eating the same types of things daily, it doesn’t bother me, but I do allow myself a splurge when I want one – in moderation.

If you’re trying to gain muscle allow yourself 2 cheats a week. If you’re trying to lose weight allow yourself 1-2 cheats a week, depending on your cravings and will power. Some people, especially when first starting out, can’t go 6 days without a cheat meal – I get it, I understand, and in my opinion “that’s ok.”

When changing your lifestyle and habits around you need to be completely realistic and honest with yourself. Don’t deprive yourself, but don’t let temptation get in the way of your goals and sabotage your hard work. Set small daily goals, and 1 weekly goal. If you’d like to, come up with one monthly goal! Be specific, like “I want to lose 2 pounds this week by eliminating soda, not eating 3 hours before bed and doing cardio 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes at night 5 days this week.”

Planning ahead and prepping your food/snacks are going to be a big lifesaver in expected, or unexpected, events going on during the day. Things like a meeting popping up, running errands, your boss taking you to lunch can really damper your diet.

Keeping a journal is my #1 tip! If you do nothing else – keep a food journal! You’ll be surprised at how much you pick through the day or overeat at night. Look for patterns of times or emotions you felt if a binge comes on. I used to have mine at night after I ate, right before bed. Not good, but recognizing these patterns helped me get over them, completely.

I hope that helped motivate you and gave you a little motivation to plan out your journey! 🙂


Below is a list of my current supplements for you!

Probolic SR whey/casein protein – 1 scoop in the morning before the gym and 1 scoop after the gym (with 1/2 banana). Another scoop before bed sometimes (or 3/4 cup of fat free cottage cheese)

5gr of BCAAs by Cellucor pre workout, mid afternoon, before bed and in the middle of the night

2gr of creatine pre/post workout made by Cellucor

2gr of L-arginine pre/post workout made by Puritans Pride

5gr of glutamine pre/post workout made by Puritans Pride

C4 pre-workout 30 minutes before the gym made by Cellucor

N03 Chrome pump amplifier 60 minutes before the gym made by Cellucor

2 Super HD pills in the morning, 1 pill around 3pm made by Cellucor


a multi vitamin Costco brand

calcium with vitamin D 1,200mg Costco brand

2 gr of CLA ( another 2gr with dinner or before bed) made by Puritans Pride

Fish oil 1,400 mg made by Natures Bounty use Discount Code: CFIT for 20%off + free shipping always on your entire purchace

If you want more information on BCAAs, creatine, CLA or Super HD click below 🙂


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