Is It Smart To Exercise While Healing From An Explant Surgery?

Healing after your explant surgery requires a tremendous amount of energy (plus patience).

Energy you’ll receive from healing foods, nourishing teas and adequate rest.

Rest = tissue rebuilding & repairing + cleansing + cell renewel + mental clarity + good mood

After you explant, you want to be sure that you don’t overdo it too soon. By doing so, you’ll be left feeling depleted and weak for days, thus potentially hindering your healing.

For those who have Breast Implant Illness, typical symptoms include:

  • Fatigue
  • Brain fog / memory issues
  • Joint Pain
  • Insomnia / lack of sleep
  • Anxiety / anxiousness
  • Depression / low energy
  • Gasping for air / shortness of breath
  • Breast pains
  • Swollen lymph nodes

(all which make exercising nearly impossible)

… amongst other things like a suppressed immune system, whacked out hormones, fatigued adrenals, a bogged down liver, digestive issues, and a sluggish lymphatic system.

Here’s how I see things going after an explant:

– Week One – Five: focus on patience, self-care, rest, building up your gut and immune system.

– Week Five: begin a detox/cleanse (BII BRIDGE)

– As soon as you get cleared to exercise, begin Exercise After Explant

I know what it’s like to want to jump back in and get your body back after Breast Implant Illness.

But you’ve gotta play it smart, slow and safe!

If you had a hard time losing weight, no matter how much you dieted and exercised, it’s probably because the toxins needed to be kicked out first (detox) before the fat cell could shrink and weight could be lost.

The toxins that have been implanted inside you for years LOVE to make their home inside your fat cells (along with the brain and tissues).

This is all addressed much more in-depth in Exercise After Explant!

Toxins… Supplements… Ful-Body Exercise Routines… Nutrition Guidance… Creating a Healthy Body-Image… Emotional Support.

It’s all mentioned because healing and getting in shape is more than just physical fitness and food. It’s very much so mindset and emotions.

Because let’s be real. There’s no way you’re going to have the energy and excitement to begin working out again when you don’t feel good and are in pain. That’s a fact.

I came up with a system that will allow you to continue to heal AND get in shape post-explant.

  • Heal the gut / digestive system
  • Boost the immune system
  • Stimulate the lymphatic system
  • Nourish and cleanse the kidneys & liver
  • Energize and calm fatigued adrenals

… through specific supplements, foods, herbs, teas and techniques (like dry brushing).

When you address the above WHILE exercising/moving the body, you will in turn:

  • Increases energy
  • Improve mood and attitude
  • Improve mental clarity & sharpness
  • Feel rested & sleep better
  • Improve your appetite and make better choices
  • Have a faster recovery time between exercise sessions
  • Remove toxins from fat cells, thus aiding in healthy weight loss
  • Reduce inflammation / water weight

The benefits are noticeable!

So, yes. It is smart to exercise while healing from your explant surgery! But not until you are cleared to do so by your surgeon.

What part of the journey are you on? Have you explanted yet? Do you plan to? Are you cleared to exercise? I want to know!

Dedicated to helping you love, move and heal your body after explant surgery,

Christina Roulund

Founder of Size: Happy

Admin of Breast Implant Illness Rejuvenation and Education (Facebook group)

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