Small Boobs Are In!

*a Size: Happy original post

We need to stop saying what size body parts are in, and start reframing it.


• regardless of their shape
• regardless of their size
• regardless if they’re proportionate or not
• regardless if they have dimples or stretch marks.

Our 👏🏼body parts 👏🏼are 👏🏼not 👏🏼trends.

Big butts
Thin waists
Thick thighs
Large breasts

IT STOPS. This year. 2020. No more!

Our bodies are perfect machines.
Our body is a miraculous marvel.
Our body is OUR business.

There is, IN FACT, nothing wrong with your body, your face, your skin complexion, your eye lashes, your stomach, your stretch marks, cellulite, hair, teeth – I could go on and on…

naming off every body part and feature that THEY tell us “isn’t enough”… “is too much”.

I’m sorry (not sorry) F*ck that!

What IS wrong are companies telling you “this product will get you the guy… make you happy… and fulfill all your wildest dreams”.

Yeah. No. #FakeNews

Real is in, ladies. It’s making a comeback.

And it has nothing to do with size or shapes, weight or numbers.

Just good ol’ untouched, gracefully aging beauty. 

That’s what we are all about here at Size: Happy – join us!

here’s to self-love, health and vibing high,

Christina Roulund-Dennis

Founder of Size: Happy

Admin of Breast Implant Illness Rejuvenation and Education (Facebook group)

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