50 Reasons to Exercise Today!

Are you having one of those days where you can find 50 things you’d rather do than workout? Well I’m going to give you 50 reasons why you should!

  1. You’ll feel more productive.
  2. You’ll be proud of yourself, rather than disappointed.
  3. You will be one step closer to your goal weight.
  4. It burns more calories than sitting on the couch.
  5. It will lift your spirit.
  6. It’s a great way to get “me” time and forget about everything you need to do.
  7. It will relieve stress and tension.
  8. It improves your heart health.
  9. It prevents diabetes.
  10. It reduces back pain.
  11. It reduces your risk of getting an illness/cancer.
  12. It will strengthen your bones and help prevent osteoporosis.
  13. It will keep your mind and memory sharp as an arrow.
  14. You’re more likely to make better choices with your diet when you exercise.
  15. It’ll help you like what you see when you look in the mirror.
  16. It will help you sweat out toxins (and last nights dessert too).
  17. It will prevent age-related muscle loss (which will keep your metabolism revving!).
  18. You’ll regret that you didn’t more than if you did.
  19. You’re cholesterol will be in the normal range.
  20. You’re blood pressure will lower and you’ll be able to get off medication if on it.
  21. You’ll be able to reward yourself at the end of the week.
  22. It will improve your sex life and confidence.
  23. You want to look good and feel good in that bathing suit this time around.
  24. Your immune system will get stronger (along with your muscles).
  25. It will shape your butt.
  26. You will stand taller amongst your peers.
  27. It’ll help you get a flat(ter) stomach.
  28. Your kids will look up to you and your spouse won’t be able to keep his/her hands off of you.
  29. You’ll feel like you accomplished something important today (even if it’s all you do).
  30. A fit body is healthy body is a strong body.
  31. You are not a quitter!
  32. Starting over is getting old.
  33. You’ll have more energy when you’re done than you do right now.
  34. You don’t want to let yourself go any more.
  35. It’s a good reason to get new clothes.
  36. You’ve been wanting to get cute gym clothes.
  37. You deserve to have the body you want.
  38. You want to turn heads.
  39. You’ll take pride in your body.
  40. Your clothes will fit you like they’re supposed to.
  41. You want to prove to yourself that you are strong.
  42. You’ll sleep a lot better.
  43. You’ll look younger (and feel younger).
  44. You’re quality of life all around will be better.
  45. You can spend more time with a friend or loved one (if you choose to).
  46. Sweating feels good.
  47. Being toned is sexy.
  48. You’ll be able to run farther, for longer – if you keep it up.
  49. You’ll set a good example for your friends, family, co-workers, and maybe even a complete stranger.
  50. What is more important at the end of the day than your health and happiness?

Are you motivated to exercise now? Write down all the reasons that apply to you and hang it on your fridge or bathroom mirror. Don’t let your mind get in your bodies way.