Trigger Foods Quiz for Binge & Emotional Eaters

Trigger Foods Quiz For Binge and Emotional Eaters

Grab a piece of paper and label it “my trigger foods”.

When creating your list, be sure to include foods that you have a strong emotional bond and attachment to. If you feel excited about eating a certain type of food, or are frightened or hesitant to be in the same room with any, be sure to include them on your list.

Which foods do you fantasize about, obsess about, feel a loss of control around? Write them all down.

In order to find your trigger foods you need to break through your denial and be completely honest with yourself.

One of the best rules to follow when you are writing your list is this: if you eat it frequently and look forward to it, write it down.

The following questions will help you uncover more about possible trigger foods.

  1. What foods (or food groups) do you overeat on a regular basis? Write them all down.
  2. Regarding your answer above, do most of them contain one common substance, such as sugar, salt, butter, flour, fats/oils, or caffeine? *If so, write them all down.
  3. After eating these foods, do you find that you reach for other foods with similar ingredients and substances? If so, what?
  4. What foods do you lose control over and zone out to? Write them all down.
  5. Are there any foods that you eat only when you are by yourself? Write them all down.
  6. What foods do you tend to eat when you are emotionally upset, stressed out, lonely, angry, etc.? Write them all down.
  7. Do you have any food hidden in your house or at work? If so, write them down.
  8. If you go long periods of not eating or restricting your calories, what type of food do you find you reach for first? Write it all down.
  9. Do you lie about eating certain foods? Which ones? Write them all down.
  10. What foods do you constantly think about – whether you eat them or not?
  11. When you’ve gone on a diet, what foods do you feel sad that you can’t eat anymore? Write them all down.
  12. Since your binges have started, are there any foods that you’ve dramatically increased your intake of on? If so, write them all down.
  13. When you eat certain foods, does your personality change? If so, which foods? Write them all down.
  14. What foods do you make sure you never run out of? Write them all down.
  15. What foods would you spend your last $5 on? Write it down.

After your list is complete, see if you notice a common theme.

Do you binge on carbs, fats and oils, salty things, cold and creamy things, sugary things, bakery items…

Feel free to email me at and share what you found with me.

If you’re looking for help, accountability, support and guidance to help you CONQUER binge and emotional eating – let me know!

love your body (and life) NOW, not after you lose weight,

– Christina

Leader of the Size: Happy community and the movement