How Sugar Affects The Body

What a stressful day already! I woke up late, feel groggier than ever, I forgot I had a Doctor appointment this afternoon, and my kids have a half day at school. Looks like I have to grab something quick for breakfast again.

Sound familiar?

It’s very likely that grabbing that frosted donut and large coffee with sugar will make you crave even more sugar as the day goes on.

I’ve been doing a lot of research on sugar for years now, and how it affects just about every part of our body. Our eyes, teeth, heart, brain, bones and liver all end up getting affected from this white poison we like to call sugar.

Endless studies suggest that sugar dulls our brain activity, causes fatigue, mood swings, lethargy, and even depression. Have you ever felt sluggish after eating something sugary? I have!

Have you ever felt moody if you haven’t had it in a day or two? I have!

Did you ever stop and think  if it was linked to sugar? Probaly not. I know I didn’t.

A lot of articles I’ve read compared sugar to be similar to heroin, in the way it’s broken down in our body, and in the way it’s used. There have been several studies suggesting that regular (daily) consumption of sugar caused long lasting changes in our brain chemistry, just like those found in street drugs, making us feel pleasure for the moment, while causing our bodies to become addictive over time.

Sugar also impairs our organs from functioning properly, stripping away a lot of the mineral reserves we have, like calcium for instance, which is a primary mineral our body uses to neutralize high acid in our cells. Without the proper balance of calcium, our bodies would be left with toxins flooding it, leaving high acids to cause over time arthritis, plaque in our mouth and arteries, and osteoporosis.

Even just a teaspoon of sugar (which is 4.2 grams of sugar), puts a strain on our mind and body. It takes everything it has on hand, such as magnesium, sodium and potassium, just to restore us into the appropriate balance again.

Besides, sugar is one of the worse things for our stomach, thighs and hips. Once we eat anything sugary (this includes white bread and pasta, white rice, cereal, white potatoes, corn, etc.) that’s the first place it goes to on most woman. And I know that’s the last place we want it to be.

Sugar is that friend that always lets us down in the end. 

It’s added in way too many things these days, mostly in the form of high fructose corn syrup. You’d be surprised how many seemingly healthy things are loaded with it – salad dressing, yogurt, salsa, ketchup, marinades, cereal, packaged oatmeal, soup, BBQ sauce, crackers, and most fat free/low fat items (to make up in taste) are packed with it.

Next time you’re at the grocery store compare items and look at serving sizes. You’d be surprised how one brand compares to the next. (ex: Dannons light & fit yogurts to Yoplait yogurt. Same size, Yoplait has almost double the calories, carbs and sugar)

If you’re going to change one thing with your diet – eliminate the sugar. Sugar kills the body slowly.