Becca’s Success Story

But it’s not over…

My name is Becca, and I am twenty two years young..and being overweight has been something that has always been in my life. I never understood why I was overweight. My sister and I came from the same two people, why was she so much thinner than I was? She is four years older than me, and when I was young she could put my pants on and they would fall right back down. I always had low self esteem as a child. I remember when my parents started noticing I had a weight problem. I saw my dad one day researching childhood obesity, that hurt. They also sent me to a nutritionist. I felt like something was wrong with me, and I was so young, I didn’t know how to fix it. I never felt as loved as my sister growing up, which looking back now I know that is completely ridiculous, but children think differently. I got in my head that if I was thinner I would be more worthy of love.

As high school approached, I hit a growth spurt and I thinned out a little. I was 5’7 and weighed around 160lbs. I was always doing something with friends, and I felt somewhat comfortable in my own skin. I was by no means the “big” girl, just the girl carrying around a little extra weight. The summer before my junior year of High School, I met a guy. He treated me like a princess, we “fell in love” pretty fast. After about 6 months, things changed. He started verbally abusing me, call me fat, ugly, and telling me that I was lucky he was with me because no one else would ever love me. He would punch me, spit on me, get right in my face and yell and me, grab me and shake me, and even one night when he was drunk he choked me. He destroyed my self worth. He cheated on me more times then I can count on my fingers & toes, and I put up with that for over a year. Finally, enough was enough, and I was strong enough to get out of that relationship but was completely broken. I soon after met Matt. He was a complete 180 from my rx. He respected me, loved me, and treated me how every woman deserves. I fell for Matt right away. We spend all of our time together, mainly eating. We would eat out all the time, eat late nice snacks of ice cream and nachos, and my metabolism couldn’t keep up with his. Before I knew it, I was 202lbs, and looking in the mirror every day crying. I knew something had to change.
After trying and failing countless times to lose weight, by taking “magic” diet pills and shakes, slim fast, dozens of fad diets, the list goes on…I FINALLY got it. It really is as simple as you’ve heard, DIET AND EXERCISE! I started making better eating choices, and joined a gym and started working out with my amazing personal trainer. I slowly started making better eating choices, and increasing the intensity of my workouts and the number of workouts I did a week. Through a year of hard work, falling off the wagon a few times but getting right back on, I lost 75lbs. But, I still wasn’t satisfied. I felt confident with clothes on, but not in a bikini.

I am now engaged to Matt, he is the love of my life. He’s been with me for 5 years, and loved and supported me at my heaviest, and stood by my side through every tear I cried when I felt like giving up or from when I was so sore I wanted to scream…he pushed me through my weak times. We are getting married in July, and I am determined to marry him with my confidence completely restored, as it has never been that way since my ex boyfriend of 6 years ago completely took away. I have decided to work towards achieving the best possible version of myself. I want to sport a bikini with confidence on our honey moon in Jamaica. I knew to do so I would have to really clean up my diet, and I needed help to get me to my goal in such a short period of time! I have only worked with Christina for a little less than 3 weeks, and with her customized nutrition plan and lifting heavy, I have been seeing AMAZING results! I cannot wait to look and feel the way every bride should be on her big day, 100% CONFIDENT!

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