An Eight Week Beginners Plan For Running

You finally decided you really want to start running, that’s great! Whether it has been years or if this is your very first try, this plan is going to be The Guide you need to help you get started. All you’re going to need is 100% dedication and the commitment to run only three times a week by following this plan. You’ll also want to check out my Complete Beginners Guide to Running before you get started to avoid injury and see if you’re properly geared up. If you need to repeat a week, that’s okay, everybody progresses differently. Respect your body and make sure you’re getting enough rest in between sessions. Remain consistent with this plan and you will see your progress gradually unfold right in front of you. Good luck, and as always, it’s best to talk with your Doctor and get the green light before starting any exercise plan.

You’ll want to use an app on your smart phone or a stop watch in order to properly time your sessions.

Week 1 Run for one minute, walk 90 seconds. Repeat this set eight times.

Week 2 Run for two minutes, walk one min. Repeat this set seven times.

Week 3 Run for three minutes walk one minute. Repeat this set six times.

Week 4 Run for five minutes, walk two minutes. Repeat this set four times.

Week 5 Run for eight minutes, walk two minutes. Repeat this set three times.

Week 6 Run for 12 minutes, walk one min. Repeat this set three times.

Week 7 Run for 15 minutes, walk one min, Run fifteen minutes, repeat.

Week 8 Run for a full 30 minutes, nonstop, as fast as you comfortably can.

Don’t forget – three times a week is all you’ll need to achieve running 30 minutes nonstop in eight weeks. Eventually, you’ll be able to run longer than 30 minutes at a time. It’s all about progress.

So what do you think, achievable? Let me know how it goes, I’d love to hear about your progress. Leave me comments or questions below 🙂