Having Realistic Healing Expectations Post-Explant

After everything we’ve been through with Breast implant Illness, I know what it’s like to expect that after you take out your breast implants everything will return back to normal within a week.
If I’m being completely honest, I cringe when I see someone post “I’m 5 weeks post-op and I’m still dealing with x, y, and z. I thought I’d be feeling better by now. Is this normal?
👈🏼 One day after my explant I developed a red, itchy rash underneath both of my armpits.
It was the most intense itch I’ve ever experienced in my whole life. It lasted for almost three weeks.
Did I question my body?
Was I concerned?
I knew -and had complete trust- that my body was doing what it needed to in order to heal me.
Heal me from not only from the surgery, but heal me from all the trauma and toxin-exposure it was constantly under for the last 12 years.
😣For the first five weeks I was very:
– weak
– tired
– itchy
– oily (hair & face)
– mentally out of it
– physically moving very slow
but I was also grateful, relieved, and SO happy to be on the other side of all this mess.
Immediately post-explant I could breath deeper, see better, and my hip joint pain was completely gone!
😔 But then at four months post-op I had a flare up.
I started losing my hair again.
My emotions were all over the place.
I felt like I just walked right back into B.I.I.
Again, I didn’t question my body.
🦋 I trusted it was taking care of business and everything was in perfect order.
🙏🏻 I thanked my body daily… from day one.
💋 I apologized, asked for forgiveness, and expressed completed admiration for all it was doing for me… for us.

✔️ Post-explant is the time for patience, self-care, and forgiveness.

I go over all of this (and more) in the BII Bridge.
34 women are currently going through the 12-week course right now.
We (Dr Amelia and I) officially launch it in mid-January, AFTER these 34 Fighters & Warriors give us their honest feedback and help us make sure that this program is THE’ best thing for BII sufferers and post-explantees.
We decided not to just create and launch a program, without FIRST having women go through it and give us feedback + transform, heal, and detox themselves.
BII BRIDGE is for warriors, created by warriors!

🔥 6 Takeaways If You Just Explanted (or will be soon):

1. Trust and believe that your body IS on your side. Even though at times it doesn’t feel like it is – it is. Always.
2. Understand that you just had a major surgery. You can’t, and shouldn’t, rush healing.
3. Your body is not only healing you from the surgery itself, it’s digesting your food, filtering out toxins, pumping blood and oxygen throughout your body, eliminating toxins, repairing & rebuilding your chest muscle.
4. Your body has an innate ability to heal itself. It is always seeking balance and homeostasis. It’s ALWAYS repairing, rebuilding, and cleansing something.
5. Your body is going to fix what’s most important first. And sometimes what you want healed immediately isn’t its priority.
6. It is said that for every year you’ve had implants, it’ll take one month of healing. This is just a general rule of thumb and totally made up – not scientifically proven.
Just like with weight loss – you can’t be overweight for 10 years and have 10 years worth of bad habits, and expect that in 10 days, or even 10 months, you’ll be in the best shape of your life. It’s unrealistic.
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here’s to your healing journey back to health after BII,
Christina Roulund