Health Benefits of Dry Brushing And how To

When was the last time you took 10 minutes for yourself?


Something that soothes me (plus it’s a cheap way to pamper your body with a numerous amount of health benefits) is called DRY BRUSHING.

Have you tried it?


So here’s the trick (it’s very important) — you must do long, gentle strokes towards your heart. Not short, hard strokes heading towards the tips of your body.


Your skin should be pink (not red) after a session.


Got it? Twice daily or before a shower for best results.

🔅Benefits of Dry Brushing:


1. Stimulates your lymphatic system helping it release toxins. Your lymphatic system is responsible for responsible for picking up bacteria, viruses, waste, toxins, cancer cells, etc. and killing them. To me the lymphatic system is just as important as your immune system.


2. A powerful detoxification tool without having to introduce liquids into the body (internal detox).


3. Helps remove dead, dry skin making your skin look younger and feel softer.


4. Boosts circulation helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite over time (if done consistently).


5. It’s invigorating and a great stress reliever (trust me).


It’s SO easy, right?!


Two things I would add to this would be rebounding & hydrotherapy.


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here’s to health, rejuvenation and massive self-love,
❤︎ Christina Roulund-Dennis