Health Benefits of Hydrotherapy And How To


Hydrotherapy is a technique that uses the temperature and pressure of water to stimulate circulation & clearance of our main detoxification organs: the skin, kidneys, colon, lymphatic system and liver.

Hot water has relaxing properties, helping to reduce stress.

Cold water helps relieve inflammation and stimulates the removal of toxins from elimination organs like the skin and lymph.

How It Works:

When the body is subjected to cold external temperatures, the flow of circulation is directed inward toward the internal organs. As the outside temperature gets hot, the flow of circulation goes outward toward the skin. Alternating hot and cold makes the circulation move in and out like and accordion.

Health Benefits:

– dramatically increases the elimination of waste, thus assisting detoxification.
– Loosens tense, tight muscles and encourages relaxation.
– Increases the metabolic rate and digestion activity.
– Hydrates the cells, improves skin and muscle tone.
– Boosts the immune system, allowing it to function more efficiently.
– Improves the function of the internal organs by stimulating their blood supply.

How To:

1. Step in the shower and get your entire body wet.
2. Slowly increase the temperature up to the hottest point that you can barely stand it. Quickly expose all the parts of the body, including the top of your head and your face.
3. Now turn the water temperature down to the coldest setting you can tolerate. Quickly expose all the parts of the body, including the top of your head and your face.
4. Repeat the procedure seven times ~ seven times hot, seven times cold. Always BEGIN with HOT and END off with COLD.

That’s it! Are you going to try it? 

here’s to regained health, rejuvenation and massive self-love,

❤︎ Christina Dennis

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