My Experience With Dr. Dev From Aqua Plastic Surgery

Everything you’re about to read is from my own experience, perspective and in my own opinion. 


Before I get into my testimonial, I want to share with you a little back story.


I was watching the local news early one evening in mid 2017. They were doing a segment about a few ladies who explanted because they claimed their breast implants made them sick and how much better they started feeling afterwards.

They mentioned Aqua Plastic Surgery in Jupiter, Florida and the word Breast Implant Illness.


I was both completely shocked by what I was hearing and also over the moon excited to have finally found my answer.

I knew without a doubt that this was the root of all my issues.

And lucky for me, I had one of the best plastic surgery centers in the United States, Aqua Plastic Surgery, right down the road from me.

That very day my research begun.

The day after the news aired that segment on Breast Implant illness I called Aqua’s explant assistant. I asked them a dozen questions about the symptoms associated with Breast Implant Illness and the explant surgery process.


After a week of thinking about it and feeling it all out, I decided “yep, I’m getting these things out!

Life kinda got in the way and a year passed me by, but in mid June of 2018 it all resurfaced.

I remember it so clearly. I was upstairs doing laundry and a voice said “all of these symptoms you’re experiencing, it’s not normal. You’re too young to be going through what you’re going through. Get the ball rolling and set up your consultation.

I was experiencing shortness of breath at the time – I’ll never forget it.

So I picked up the phone, called Aqua Plastic Surgery and set up my consultation.

A week later I put down my deposit and locked in my actual date.

“Oh my gosh, I’m really doing this.”


My original surgery was going to be on Monday November 26, 2018 (after Thanksgiving) with Dr Rankin, but I did not want to wait four months.

I could feel my anxiety getting worse as I was sitting there waiting. 

Each day I woke up I had a strong pull to just get it done sooner and switch to Dr. Dev, Dr. Rankin’s partner at Aqua Plastic Surgery.

So in good ol’ Christina fashion, I asked the Universe for a sign.


On July 26, 2018 I took my dog out for a walk after breakfast and looked up in the sky.

I whispered “If I’m supposed to go with Dr. Dev, show me a deer. I don’t care if it’s in person or on tv, just show me a deer. If I’m supposed to go with Dr. Rankin and just hold off, show me a raccoon. I don’t care if it’s in person or on tv, just show me a raccoon.

Four days later my son was watching Americas Funniest Home Videos in our bed and there it was… the deer.

The date was Monday July 30, 2018. Four days later.

“Okay, I guess I’m supposed to go with Dr. Dev“, I said. 

I already had my consultation scheduled with him for that Friday August 3, 2018, so I felt relieved.

20 minutes after I saw the deer on tv, I see this in Aqua Plastic Surgery’s Instagram Story – “we have an opening on our surgical schedule this week for Dr. Dev. Patient did not get clearance. If you are ready to go, please call Beatrice.”

I keep the screen shot of it in my phone because nothing like this has ever happened before in my life. I mean, come on Universe!

I got the sign and opportunity for me to take action all within 20 minutes. 

It all happened so fast.

At this point, I still haven’t met Dr. Dev but I knew I was supposed to go with him.


I woke John up and said “honey, Dr. Dev has a surgical opening this Thursday. I can get my explant done this week!”

After going back and forth with both John and Beatrice for an hour, I made the decision to go ahead and schedule my explant surgery sooner with Dr. Dev.

I went from being four months out with Dr. Rankin to now four days out with Dr. Dev.

Talk about “holy shit, what do I need to do to prepare?

That Monday afternoon I drove to Jupiter and had my pre-op done, signed all the necessary paper work, met Dr. Dev for the first time and was now preparing for a major surgery within a few days.


Which leads me to my experience with Dr Dev (and the entire team).


The day I met Dev I knew he was the right surgeon for me. 

He is warm, personable, takes his time answering questions and has a light-hearted, compassionate spirit about him.

I felt at total ease with my decision and confident in his ability.

Besides his personality and awesome energy, he does exactly the same thing Rankin does – en Bloc, total capsulectomy, Nerve Bloc, the wrap around tissue lift/technique, muscle repair (if needed) and axillary scar release and axillary lymph node internal/external manual palpating and biopsies (if needed).  

When I was going back and forth in my head trying to figure out who I should go with, I kept thinking, “Dr. Dev can do the same thing Dr. Rankin can, so why wait? Get it over with. Get four months of your life back. Rankin wouldn’t have Dev as a partner if he didn’t like his aesthetic work.

I can’t say enough nice things about the entire process.

Everyone from Dr. Dev, the girls at the front desk, my nurses and anesthesiologist – everyone was amazing!

It’s all about the team, just as much as the surgeon.

I love my results, too!

I anticipated to be flat because I have thin skin and little breast tissue, but I’m not.

Are they small? Yes!

Do I care? NO!

After my surgery I had a couple of minor hiccups and Dr. Dev was always very responsive to my texts.

I definitely give 5 stars!

  • The process (on such a short notice) was executed flawlessly.
  • Dr. Dev has good bedside manners, is warm, qualified and has everything he needs to do a proper, safe explant.
  • The entire staff is friendly.
  • Post-op care and communication is top notch.

If you’re considering Dr. Dev for your explant surgery, I highly recommend him and the Miami location.

He is the best money can buy, in my opinion. 


For more information about Dr Dev meet him here.


I myself have a Facebook Group, Breast Implant Illness Rejuvenation and Education with Christina.

This is a place where I:

  • educate women about Breast Implant Illness and the explanting process
  • bring on guest experts in the natural health and self-love niche and surgeons (Dr Dev did a 75 minute Live with me – it’s incredible!)
  • host monthly giveaways
  • answer your pressing questions and offer guidance both pre and post op


If you have any questions for me about my journey or Dr Dev please comment below or ask me in the Facebook Group.

Not on Facebook? Find me on Instagram!


here’s to renewed health, rejuvenation and massive self-love,

 ❤︎ Christina Roulund-Dennis