What Does Explanting en Bloc Mean?

En Bloc: all together or all at the same time.


En Bloc basically means that they remove your implant AND your capsule (the red stuff that you see attached to implants in the photo) together in one piece.


The capsule is the scar that your body forms AFTER you implanted. It does not exist inside of you before your breast augmentation.

Your surgeon should NOT take your implant out FIRST, then go back in and remove your capsule or drain your saline implant (inside you) FIRST (or at all) then go back in to remove your capsule.

Everything is done in one step: removal of both the implant and capsule at the same time.

En Bloc is an EXTREMELY IMPORTANT step because should your implant be ruptured or bleeding silicone through the shell, you do not want to have any toxins or the broken down silicone getting into your blood stream or chest cavity by your vital organs.

Having the implant removed with the capsule attached and wrapped around it is your best option.

If your surgeon does not do en Bloc, doesn’t recommend en Bloc, doesn’t find it necessary or anything in between, he/she is not your surgeon (in my opinion). Keep looking for an explant surgeon who will.


1. Surgeons might try to convince you that you don’t need to remove the capsule or that a total Capsulectomy isn’t necessary. I disagree. The capsule can contain bacteria, fungus, micro-organisms, biofilms, silicone and all sorts of toxins. If you want to fully heal, it must be removed – in my opinion.


2. A total Capsulectomy is done after your implant and the capsule have been removed en Bloc. This is the step when they go back in and see if any capsule, scar tissue or silicone is stuck to tissue, muscle or your ribs. If they see parts of your capsule or scar tissue are still present they will peel it off, scrap it off or cauterize it to ensure a total capsulectomy is properly performed.


3. Make sure, for those who have saline implants, that your surgeon WILL NOT drain the implants before removing them. Be sure to ask him this question during your consultation. There has been high concentrations of mold, fungus and bacteria found inside saline implants. Draining them first will result in all the harmful particles getting into your system, further infecting you and making you even more sick.


4. If a surgeon tells you that en Bloc is not necessary (or that they just don’t do it), a full Capsulectomy isn’t necessary (or they just don’t do it) or that they “have to” drain your saline implant first before taking them out… I’d personally choose a different surgeon.


With all of this being said, Breast Implant Illness and en Bloc are fairly new. I’ve personally heard from women who left their capsule in and are totally fine, and other women who left the capsule in and remained very sick. The second group of women usually undergo a second surgery, removing the capsule, and actually start the detox and healing process.


I think this really all depends on:

  • how sick you are going into your surgery
  • how long you’ve had your implants
  • if you have any underlying illnesses, autoimmune diseases, inflammation or viruses hindering your immune system
  • if your have the MTHFR gene mutation, which makes detoxing almost impossible with some sort of intervention


Every BODY is different.

Just like some women can get breast implants and be totally ok… others get sick. It just all depends on your body and health.

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here’s to newfound health, rejuvenation and self-love,

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