Week 3 Challenge – Triple Toner Total Training!


Welcome to Week 3! This week’s challenge marks the very first Christina’s Fitness Challenge that involves physical exercise. How exciting! By now, you should be hydrating your body with plenty of water (week 1) and also reading every nutrition label of what you consume, so that you’re more aware and conscious – making better, healthier, and more informed choices (week 2). This leads us right into Week 3’s challenge – Triple Toner Total Training!

The first step is to say this weeks challenge title 5 times really fast… lol. Pretty tongue twisty, huh. Now that we have that out of the way, lets get to the nitty gritty: Exercising so that you are more fit to live. Fit To Live is a tagline that I came up with because I feel too many people lose sight of really LIVING. Sure, you may have a great family and an all-around positive life… but if you’re overweight, obese or unhealthy in your food consumption choices – then there is room to become more Fit To Live. I want you running around with the kids and keeping up with their energy so that you leave lasting, fun memories with them, forever – I want you to feel the rush of endorphins fill your body as your mood improves while you workout and exercise – and I want you to love your body and feel confident in your own skin.

Week 3 will be the start of this transformation for many people… unlike previous challenges, this challenge is more of a jump-start for your body. I personally guarantee you that if you’re implementing both week 1 and 2 challenges and then complete this one, you will lose weight on the scale, and you’ll feel absolutely great about it. It’s that simple. Here’s what we’re doing this week:

In the course of 1 week (7 days), do 525 Jumping Jack Squats, 525 Push Ups, and 525 Crunches.

This can be implemented in a number of ways, and here are my suggested options:

  • Option 1: Do 38 of each exercise every morning and evening, all 7 days.
  • Option 2: Do 25 of each exercise every morning, afternoon and evening, all 7 days
  • Option 3: Do 75 of each exercise every morning, all 7 days
  • Option 4: Do 75 of each exercise every evening, all 7 days
  • Option 5: Do 131 of each exercise every other day, starting Monday and ending Sunday
  • Option 6: Do 88 of each exercise per day, and take Sunday off

Steps to be successful this week:

  1. Write down this weeks challenge/goal on a large piece of paper and hang it somewhere where you’ll see it several times a day: Write this: COMPLETE ALL 3 EXERCISES EVERYDAY, AND DO NOT GIVE UP!
  2. Hold yourself accountable and get a friend or family member to help hold you accountable as well.
  3. On Monday, time how long each exercise set takes to complete and write it down. On the next day, try to beat this time. Beat your time every day.
  4. Don’t forget about our week 1 and 2 challenges – stay hydrated and know what you consume!
  5. Once you decide on an option above, commit to this option and time to do the exercises. An example would be, 8am every day after breakfast – 6pm every day before dinner.
  6. Check in to Christina’s Fitness on Facebook every day and share your times, experience, encouragement and/or advice for others every day.
  7. Like one of the most famous brands of our times says, “JUST DO IT” – Nike


I can’t wait to see how you do with this weeks challenge. Don’t forget that these challenges are designed with the compound effect in mind – the idea that the longer you do it, the more it becomes habit, and the better your overall results will be. Do not allow yourself to deviate from your goal… you are worth it, you are worth it, you are worth it. Do it for you, first. The resulting impact will overflow into your personal life and will positively affect all around you. Like I said before, if you are already implementing the previous weeks challenges, you will absolutely lose weight after completing this one. Drink water, eat smart, and complete these exercises… you’re going to thank yourself. Full steam ahead! 🙂