Week 1 Challenge – Drink More Water!

Welcome to the Christina’s Fitness Weekly Challenge. Our first week is all about WATER! This essential element is a requirement for almost every function of our body… and the more we consume, the better.

Unfortunately, most people do not consume nearly as much water on a daily basis as they should be – and the chances are pretty high that you’re one of them. I’m here to change that.

During this week’s challenge, I want you to drink 12oz of water right when you wake up, before every meal, and right before bed – every single day of your life. The idea is that by the end of this weekly challenge, it becomes habit enough for you to continue this while moving on into the second week’s challenge.

If drinking 12oz of water is keeping you up at night running to the bathroom at odd hours, then feel free to either dial is back a bit – but you must agree to get it in at some point during the day. So if you only consume 6oz before bed, add the other 6oz deficit somewhere else in your day. While water surely cleanses the body of free radicals, helps the function of vital organs, promotes healthy brain growth and activity and can even help boost memory… losing sleep can, and has, led to other health problems that I want to avoid including depression, anxiety and insomnia.

Although I do not want you losing sleep, I do want you to give it a try – and make drinking more water a healthy habit that becomes part of your overall lifestyle change.

I’m excited, and I hope you are too. Make sure to join us in discussion on our Facebook Page by clicking here! See you soon. 🙂

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