Weekly Fitness Challenges

Below is a list of all Christina’s Fitness Weekly Challenges. I encourage you to join us, starting with week 1 (although these challenges are designed to work any which way you’d prefer to tackle them).

The only thing you want to do first is click the START HERE link below – there is a wonderful free resource waiting for you on the other side of that link! 🙂 Let’s get started!



Week 1 Challenge: Drink More Water!

Week 2 Challenge: Know What You Consume!

Week 3 Challenge: Triple Toner Total Training!

Week 4 Challenge: Late Night Food Affair Fix!

Week 5 Challenge: Go The Extra Mile!

Week 6 Challenge: The Extracurricular Exchange!

Week 7 Challenge: Go Green and Get Lean!

Week 8 Challenge: Keeping Track to Get Trim!

Week 9 Challenge: Wait To Weigh Week!

Week 10 Challenge: Temptation Take Away!

Week 11 Challenge: Say Sayonara Sugar!

Week 12 Challenge: Eating In To Increase Your Assets!

Week 13 Challenge: Proper Portion Planning!

Week 14 Challenge: The Challenge To Challenge!

Week 15 Challenge: The At Home Work Week!

Week 16 Challenge: The Crazy Cardio Challenge!

Week 17 Challenge – Think Positive To Feel & Be Positive!

Week 18 Challenge – Coming Soon! Stay Tuned…

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