The CFIT 56 Program…


 Give Me 56 Days (8 Weeks), And I’ll Help You Transform Your Life


Have you tried exercising, eating healthy and just cannot seem to get the scale to budge? Have you hit a plateau that has you frustrated and ready to quit? Do you see peers and think, “I wish I could look like that, too”? Are you unsure of what and when to eat? Have questions about that favorite “healthy” food and wish you could just ASK someone?

Hey – I see you over there.

Losing weight can be an utterly frustrating process. It can feel like you’re the only one who struggles – with unrelenting cravings, with exercising, with what to do next.

I’m here to tell you that you are not alone.

Sure, some people are just lucky and have it easy with their naturally high metabolism who eat cake and donuts all the time and never gain weight… or those who seemingly have easy muscle-building genes…

But here’s what a lot of people fail to understand: When it comes to BEING HEALTHY, the playing field is level. It’s about what you put into your body, how you treat it, and understanding how your body works and responds.

Slow metabolism? Thyroid disorder? Emotional eating disorder? — Whatever it is, it can be managed and improved to make you healthier and happier with the CFIT 56 Coaching Program. 

What Is CFIT 56?

CFIT 56 is my brand new coaching program that has been designed from the ground up to ensure you the absolute best chances to transform your life.

It is a 56 day (8 week) training program that has community built in. That’s right – you are not alone! You’ll join a small, intimate group of others who are trying to lose weight and become healthier and happier just like you. Together, there will be group motivation and accountability – and of course you’ll have direct access to ME for anything you need during the program.


— A 30 Minute Goal-Setting Consultation

— Weekly Meal Plans Tailored To Your Individual Needs, Tastes & Goals (no cookie-cutter meal plans)

— Weekly Workouts, with At Home Modifier Workouts (for days you cannot make it to the gym, or if you prefer to workout from home)

— Bi-Weekly 1-on-1 Accountability Calls to Ensure You Keep Your Eye on the Prize

— Access to a Private Facebook Group for Community Accountability and Support

— Access to My Video Workout Library (including at-home HIIT videos)

— Daily Access to Me For ANY Questions or Support Whatsoever

AND … 

You’ll Receive a Jawbone Up Move Fitness & Accountability Tracker
With an  Interchangeable Bracelet and App Training Video!

 cfit56 jawbone up move

That’s right! This Jawbone Fitness Tracker and Bracelet is worth $64 and is yours FREE with membership into the CFIT 56 Coaching Program!


The following additional bonuses are included for FREE with your membership into the CFIT 56 Coaching Program:

— A complimentary copy of my 7 Day Boost eBook

— A complimentary copy of my Christina’s Special Recipe’s eBook, which includes:

– 6 Delicious, Health-Inspired Homemade Food Recipes

– 10 Homemade Beauty Facial & Hair Masks Guide (including all-natural food ingredients that work to fight wrinkles, mask hair, cleanse skin, lighten circles under eyes and more)

— My Grocery Store Walk-through Video (outlining which isles and areas to avoid, how to spot unhealthy food, and how to not make bad decisions while shopping)

— My 1 Day Fresh Start Juice Cleanse Guide (optional for the program, but recommended)


Here’s the deal:

The inagural CFIT 56 Coaching Program was a MAJOR success – every single person lost at least double digit numbers in body weight, grew healthy lean muscle and reported they feel more energy and happiness by the end of the program.

The Next CFIT 56 Group Program begins Just 1st, 2015.

Because of how personal and 1-on-1 this program is, I can only limit it to 10 slots. 

I’m happy to tell you that the price wont break the bank, either. 🙂 The investment is just 2 easy payments of $249.00.

If you’d prefer to pay in full, then it’s only one payment of $447 (save an additional $51).

I’d like to see you healthy. I’d like to see you live a longer, happier life. I know you’d like that, too… so what are you waiting for? Get in while you can – give me 8 weeks, and let me help you change your life.


If you prefer the two payment plan ($249 now, then $249 in 30 days from now)
then Click Here to Pay