The 4 Week Fitness Foundation Introduction (Sneak Peak)

Congratulations on your decision to establish a Fitness Foundation in your life. This course will take you through my 4 Week Fitness Foundation program to help you establish the mindset and habits of a healthier, happier, more successful person – to aid you in forming a foundation that will keep your body and mind sound in the daily challenges that life can throw your way, and to ensure not only that you see results, but you see them last.

A house must be built on a solid foundation if it is to stand and last. This same principle applies to fitness and health; our lifestyle must be one that withstands temptations and illusions. But even with this knowledge – why is it that so many of us have trouble with overcoming our health and fitness challenges? The answer is quite literally hidden within.

With any attempt at success and greatness, it all starts with mindset and action. In this course, you’ll learn the science behind failing to meet your goals – the critical “why” instead of the “how” and how very important this differentiation is to being successful.

Below you’ll read about some exercises that will help strengthen your actions and reinforce your positive mindset to ensure your success in this program – and will ultimately help in forming a solid Fitness Foundation to stand upon.

This course is designed to be very straight-forward. I’m not filling it with fluff or anything that I feel most people already know. For example: most people understand that fried food is bad. I’m not going to write an entire step-by-step process of how and why to avoid fried food… because, well, that would be useless information to most of you – and I want to avoid filling this course with useless information.

I will, however, include ways to avoid the groaning cravings of these types of bad foods that lead to bad decisions. And eventually, you will stand on a foundation of positive reinforced decisions that will ultimately fuel your positive results right before your eyes. You’ll truly understand what it means to be “Fit to Live” and why I use this tagline in so much of what I do. It all starts with a foundation. Ready?