You’re about to discover the most effectiveway to lose weight, build muscle, and live a healthy lifestyle for good… without hating what you eat, and without having to guess about what’s next-ever again.

  • Is losing weight one of your summer-time goals? Are you worried that you might not commit enough?
  • Have you tried multiple diets, routines, exercises and “free” programs and haven’t seen the results you want?
  • Have you plateaued in your weight loss efforts?
  • Is losing weight and *STAYING* healthy something that intimidates you?
  • If you’ve answered “YES” to any of the above questions, then you’re going to want to keep reading this…

As many of you know, I’m Christina. ūüôā

I’ve been involved in changing peoples lives for 20 years and have¬†thousands of people offline and online. ¬†I find a tremendous amount of satisfaction when someone comes to me and says, “thank you”.

But it wasn’t always roses and flowers lining the path that I’m on…

I myself struggled with what so many people are going through: senseless eating (I suffered from binge eating), being overweight, and not knowing where to start improving my lifestyle.

I would even drive through TWO McDonalds drive-thru’s so I could get two McFlurry’s from two separate McDonalds so I could avoid the¬†embarrassment.¬†This actually happened almost weekly after leaving the restaurant for the day where I worked as a waitress.

It got pretty bad.

Then one day, after eating crap at a buffet restaurant until the point where I couldn’t even breathe, I gave myself one hard look in the mirror and decided that it was the day I was going to change.

I had no idea what was in store for me…

Like many people do, I started reading all types of fitness-related books, magazines and articles online. I chased all of the big “self-improvement” programs and books and got “hard to work.”

I thought I had the answers all in front of me – written by the masses, for the masses. What could go wrong?

But I was looking outward, and not inward.

And just as quickly as I felt that loud proverbial “THUD!” from falling back on my butt, I realized — I needed a support system, and I needed help looking within.

I enlisted the support of a personal trainer,  friends and family. At the time, I was single and had no kids. I worked as a server at a bar and had more time than I appreciated.

I became so inspired by the change I was experiencing, that I decided to embrace it and become a Certified Personal Trainer myself. I worked under some of the most respected names in training in my area and soon learned the tremendous value and self-worth in helping others achieve a new lifestyle of their own.

When I received my NASM Personal Trainer Certification, I set off on a mission to help people LIVE and FEEL the best they could. I wanted to change lives.

I have been blessed with resources to help expand my efforts online and equally blessed with the success I’ve had with helping thousands of people.

Through all of this experience, I learned something…

I learned that a lot of people love the idea of a Personal Trainer, but they also love their privacy.

I’ve found that a lot of people find it challenging to have to save their “questions” for the next round of meetings at the gym with a trainer.

I think that a Personal Trainer should be available to their clients daily, at every hour, in order to support questions, concerns, decision-making, and/or weak moments.

On the other hand, I’ve found that most online programs and diets fail long-term because they do not address the big underlying problem: Lifestyle.

It is through a balanced combination of fitness, nutrition and wellness that a true healthy lifestyle change can occur. By addressing all three of these areas systematically, the way you look, feel and live your life can permanently change for the better. You don’t even need to sacrifice all of your favorite foods!

And this is where I come in.

Through a private, personalized, interactively designed online fitness program, I’ve helped many women accomplish their personal goals and completely transform their body and lifestyle.

The benefits of my Online Coaching Program over hiring a traditional Fitness Trainer in real life are huge:

  1. COST: Hiring a Fitness Trainer at a gym for even an hour costs a ton of money! Typically, sessions range from $50-$125 EACH! At an average $88/session, that’s $440/week!¬† My program costs a fraction of that.
  2. SCHEDULE: Scheduling conflicts happen all the time with fitness training – trust me. You sometimes end up settling for time slots that aren’t your preferred, and then you have the added pressure of actually meeting with someone on time. My Online Coaching Program is tailored to fit into your work, family and even play schedules – every day.
  3. PRIVACY: With my Online Coaching Program, you get to work out on your own or from the comfort of you own home. Plus, no strangers will be coming to your house!
  4. WRITTEN PLAN: With a lot of Personal Trainers, you are told what you need to do and eat. My Online Coaching Program includes an entire written Exercise and Nutrition plan for every single day of the entire program, so you’re never left wondering or trying to remember the next step.
  5. THE FOREVER PLAN:” The plans you receive from me are yours to keep. You’re allowed to use them over and over, print them, show them to others, and access them online 24/7.
  6. WEEKLY GROCERY LIST: You’ll recieve a grocery shopping list with everything you need to buy – and more fun options for variety! This alone is worth a ton, and it’s included at no additional fitness coaching for women
  7. DAILY ACCESS TO ME: At any given hour, you may have a question regarding a meal, exercise routine or even what might be best to order while sitting at a table in a restaurant! This feature plays a critical role and advantage to your goals!
  8. VIDEO AND PICTURE INSTRUCTIONS: I have dozens of instructional videos and pictures on how to do exercises! And if one’s not available, I actually create a video and/or picture for you!
  9. NO HIDDEN COSTS: There are no up-sells, cross-sells, outer-space sells, add-on packages, or hidden fees for anything. There is only 1 price, and you get the whole shebang!

As if that list doesn’t make the advantages pretty clear, here’s one more big difference…

And you’ll want to pay close attention here:

My Online Coaching Program is based on a success-proven outline by actual published research and studies.

It is based on not just effective exercise and meal planning, but also problem-solving techniques through a little-known secret in the profession (some of the same ones used by celebrity fitness trainers like Chris Powell and Jillian Michaels).

The process is sort of like a Lifestyle Assurance Step Plan. It involves a very effective method for assuring not just short-term results, but a successful healthy lifestyle transformation.

Alongside your customized Exercise and Meal planning, we go through 5 stages during the entire length of the program, addressing the following stages:

  1. Contemplation Stage (considering a change): a detailed assessment of why you want to change and introduction to the program.
  2. Preparation Stage (getting ready to make a change): the do’s and don’ts of change and the keys to successfully creating healthy habits
  3. Action Stage (actively making a change, but short-term):
  4. Maintenance Stage (maintaining a new healthy lifestyle for long-term success)

You’ll learn how to make¬†physical activity fun and effective, how to set goals, how to overcome barriers and obstacles that would usually knock you down, how to recruit an effective support system, and how to prevent relapses in lifestyle.[/highlight]

Women's Fitness Coaching

Every part of your Online Coaching Program is designed with proven research and studies in mind, then personally tailored to fit your daily life.

By now, I’m sure you’re wondering what all this will cost…

And I’m not going to even beat around the bush. I’m sure you’d agree that the value of this type of program would exceed hundreds of dollars, if not more. After all, we’re talking about your life!

But it’s not going to cost you an arm, leg, foot, hand or your entire pocket book!

For a limited time, I am waiving my $95 sign up fee and taking $10 off per week.

Forget dollar menus and discounts… I want to save you $95 off ¬†your first month, and $40 off per month thereafter!¬†

Instead of $60/week, I’m offering my coaching (FOR A LIMITED TIME) for just a $50/week!

There’s a CATCH: Unfortunately, this is a limited-time deal.¬† I’m only 1 person and my time must be carefully managed with how much attention I put into my coaching. I make sure you get the individual attention that you need to succeed.¬†

So you should probably get in while you can. ūüôā

By the end of your Online Coaching Program, you’ll look into the mirror with a smile of satisfaction, happiness and triumph. You’ll feel sexier, healthier, and much more confident. You’ll appreciate life in a whole new way, and I’m sure you’ll never look back.

And here’s all you need to do to get started:

Fill out the free Assessment Questionnaire below, and that’s it! No obligations whatsoever.

I’ll get back to you shortly after you hit the submit button. ūüôā

To your health,




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