Normal Fears We All Have

Being heavily involved in the Breast implant Illness community, I hear all sorts of worries and concerns daily. The most common ones are:
What if something happens during surgery?


What if I am disfigured afterwards?


What if I am completely flat afterwards?


What if my husband/partner isn’t attracted to me anymore?


What if I don’t get better after surgery?


These thoughts are completely normal during this process and we all have them.


Just keep in mind that breast implants are huge foreign bodies and cause a “foreign body response” by our immune system. This sets up chronic inflammation that affects all organs and systems.


From the very first day our body has been fighting these devices, weakening our immune system and disrupting our hormones.


Also keep in mind that these implants with incredibly toxic ingredients are located right next to vital organs such as the heart and lungs.


Our bodies will respond negatively, it’s just a question of time.


What’s done is done. You can’t take back time.


But what you can do, starting right now, is to FORGIVE yourself.


Be PATIENT with your body.


COMMUNICATE with your loved ones and seek SUPPORT.


Let go of the past and get EXCITED for a healthier future.


Just because you haven’t been really ill yet doesn’t mean it will stay this way.


Know that you are doing the right thing.


Focus on all the good ahead… all the memories you’re about to make… all the new places you’re going to visit.


You’ve got this, brave WARRIOR!
🖤 written and edited by: Christina Dennis and Kat Lead