My 8 Week Post Explant Update

It’s been eight weeks since I removed my 12 year old 420cc silicone breast implants.

I get asked daily “how are you feeling? Any symptoms go away?

The answer is: “amazing and yes!”

If you haven’t yet heard my entire story with Breast Implant Illness, when my symptoms started, what symptoms I had and how my explant went, go here and read this first. 

Crazy, right?

Today I want to share with you what’s new, gone and still here.


Out of all the symptoms I had, only shortness of breath/gasping for air, minor hip joint pain and hair loss are still present.

With that being said, though, these three things are much less frequent and severe than before my explant. Plus, the gasping for air and hip joint pain were two of my newest symptoms, which started last year. So they might be the last to go anyways. Who knows.

For the first five weeks after my explant EVERYTHING was gone.

Not just better. Gone.


It seems like I just had a minor flare-up during week six and week seven because my achy stiff hip joint pain was back and I started gasping for air and losing a lot of hair again.

But now, at week eight, these three things are starting to subside again. So that’s good.


Honestly, I’m feeling like I’m in a brand new body.

I feel light, energetic, blissed out of my mind, funnier, wittier, smarter, more patient, sexier, more attractive, more confident, with it in my head and I’m actually remembering so much now. 

My body and mind feel like they are on high speed and high definition.


I wake up every morning feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day, motivated and excited to get up and get out of the house. All things I didn’t experience nine weeks ago, and for years.

For the first five weeks going over bumps in the car felt weird, but now that everything’s healed it doesn’t feel weird at all – it’s hard to explain.


My fake ones never really jiggled. These do and it feels so weird lol

My scars are slowly fading, but still pink.


All in all nothings really changed since my one month check-in.

I’m extremely happy with my experience, results and decision to explant.


I will continue to educate you about Breast Implant Illness, the explanting process, detoxification, healing and self-love here and in my Facebook Group, Breast Implant Illness Rejuvenation And Education With Christina

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Are you planning on explanting?

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here’s to newfound health, rejuvenation and massive self-love,

❤︎ Christina Dennis