The Complete Bikini Prep Guide

If you want to feel empowered with the sexiest, firmest body you’ve ever had,

If you want variety in your exercise and meal plans so you don’t become overwhelmed with boredom and sabotage your dream,

If you want to be loved and respected by not only the judges, but by your family, friends and FANS…

Then you should read this guide.

The  feeling of joy and excitement of being up on that stage is something you’ll never forget. And you’re going to do it.

The Complete Bikini Prep Guide covers everything you need to know in order to do it.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What federation to choose?

  • The politics of competing- are there any?

  • My exact contest prep diet plan

  • How to put together your best exercise routine

  • How to properly feed your body for contest prep

  • The best contest prep cardio technique, and why

  • Do tattoos really matter?

  • Picking the right date & location

  • Money saving tips

  • Your best tanning options

  • The total cost to compete

  • Choosing the best suit for you

  • Must know stage presence and posing techniques 

  • Prep Schedule from 6 months out to Show Day 

  • Your essential packing list

  • The best ways to track your progress

  • And More…

Are You Ready To Get Started?

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