Welcome New Members!

Welcome to your new home, safe space, and tribe!

I hope my Facebook Community:

– gives you the HOPE & STRENGTH you need to carry you through your darkest hours

– provides you with every last piece of INFORMATION you’ll need to prepare, explant, detox, and heal ~ PROPERLY & SAFELY

– brings you loving FRIENDSHIPS & BONDS out of this unique situation

– helps you HEAL… mind-body-soul (whether you decide to explant or not).


Below are four VERY important things you should know about this Group


1. The first Monday of each month I go Live!


I enjoy answering any questions you have about BII, explanting, detox, pre-op prep, post-op care, etc.


2. I put together a Breast Implant Illness ebook for you:


It’s called, “Discovering Breast Implant Illness – What Now?

This guide will take you from overwhelmed to completely confident as far as what to do pre-explant, when to do things post-explant, etc.

Inside the guide:

– an easy seven-step checklist that will guide you from “I just discovered BII” to well beyond your explant date, with peace of mind, confidence, and empowerment.

– 40+ questions to ask at your explant consultation ~ some of which you probably had no idea to ask, or why.

– a list of 22 things to do the week of your explant ~ you don’t want to forget some of these!

– what to expect with post-op care 

what is en bloc? – and why is it so important.

– dozens of ways to boost your immune system pre-explant and detox post-explant 

– other important resources and websites


This is a Pick Your Price guide ~ put in $1, $5, $20 ~ whatever you feel like donating. Totally up to you 🙂

*After you download it to your computer, print it out and put it in a folder.


3. There are 40+ “FILES” and 20+ “ANNOUNCEMENTS”


These are the areas inside the Facebook Group where you’ll find valuable information like:

under the “Files” section:
– the latest news and updates regarding breast implants, BII, and BIA-ALCL
– What Toxic Chemicals Are On ALL Breast Implants (not just saline)
– What Does Explanting en Bloc Mean (and why it’s important)
– 8 Ways to Emotionally Prepare For Surgery

– What to expect with post-op care
– Exercising After Explant
– Health Benefits of Rebounding, Dry Brushing and Hydrotherapy

– My personal Story, symptoms, and experience with Breast Implant Illness

under the “Announcements” section:

– This Groups Recommended Explant Surgeon List

– Size: Happy VIP Email List

– Me & Dr Dev 75 minute Live video that covers everything about explanting!
– and sooooo much more…


So let’s get to know one another & offer helping hands

Head back inside the Group after you’re done reading this, under your Welcome Post (the one you were just tagged in), and share with us which part of the journey you’re on!

A. I just discovered BII and am trying to learn more about it and the explant process. *Share what specifically you have questions on or concerns about so we can help you.

B. I have implants and I’m considering/definitely getting them out. *Tell us if you’ve had a consult yet, when it is, when your explant date is and who your surgeon is.

C. I explanted and am looking for help with healing, recovery, and detoxification. I want to be apart of this high vibe community, help contribute in any way that I can, and support others.

Share as little or as much with us as you’re comfortable with 💗

I warmly welcome you,
Christina Roulund


If you are reading this blog post and aren’t yet apart of the Facebook Group, you can join us here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/breastimplantillness/

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