Welcome New Members!

Welcome to your new home, safe space, and tribe!

I hope my Facebook Community:

– gives you the HOPE & STRENGTH you need to carry you through your darkest hours

– provides you with every last piece of INFORMATION you’ll need to prepare, explant, detox, and heal ~ PROPERLY & SAFELY

– brings you loving FRIENDSHIPS & BONDS out of this unique situation

– helps you HEAL… mind-body-soul (whether you decide to explant or not).


Below are four VERY important things you should know about this Group

1) I put together a Breast Implant Illness guide for you:


It’s called, “Discovering Breast Implant Illness – What Now?

This guide will take you from overwhelmed to completely confident. It’ll clarify what to do pre-explant, when to start doing things post-explant, why not to do certain things, etc.

Inside the guide:

– A seven-step checklist that will guide you from “I just discovered BII” to well beyond your explant date, with peace of mind, confidence, and empowerment. Along with…

– 40+ questions to ask at your explant consultation ~ some of which you probably had no idea to ask, or why.

– A list of 22 things to do the week of your explant ~ you don’t want to forget some of these!

– What to expect with post-op care 

-What is en bloc? – and why is it so important.

– Immune system support for pre-explant and detox support for post-explant 

– Along with other important resources and websites I think you’d find tremendous value from


This is a Pick Your Price guide ~ donate in $1, $5, $20 ~ whatever you feel like donating. Totally up to you 🙂

*After you download it to your computer, print it out and put it in a folder to bring with you to your explant consultation.


2) There are 7 “Units” and 20 “ANNOUNCEMENTS”


These are the areas inside the Facebook Group where you’ll find valuable information like:

under the “Units” section:

Unit One: Information about BII, breast implants and explanting

Unit Two: Pre-Explant Preparation

Unit Three: Post-Op Care

Unit Four: Detox and Healing

Unit Five: Mental and Emotional Support

Unit Six: Self-Care and Body-Image Support

Unit Seven: My story and updates

under the “Announcements” section:

– This Groups Recommended Explant Surgeon List

– a meditation to release what is no longer serving you, forgiveness and healing

– Information about the BII Bridge 12 week Pre or Post explant preparation and healing program

– My explant surgeon Dr. Dev & I 75-minute Live video that covers everything about explanting!

– and sooooo much more…


So let’s get to know one another & offer helping hands

Head back to your Welcome Post I just tagged you in inside the Facebook Group after you’re done reading this and share with us which part of the journey you’re on!

A. I just discovered BII and am trying to learn more about it and the explant process. *Share what specifically you have questions on or concerns about so we can help you.

B. I have implants and I’m considering/definitely getting them out. *Tell us if you’ve had a consult yet, when it is, when your explant date is and who your surgeon is.

C. I explanted and am looking for help with healing, recovery, and detoxification. I want to be apart of this high vibe community, help contribute in any way that I can, and support others.

Share as little or as much with us as you’re comfortable with 💗

I warmly welcome you,
Christina Roulund


If you are reading this blog post and aren’t yet apart of the Facebook Group, you can join us here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/breastimplantillness/

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