Weekly Content In The Warrior Phase

The Warrior Phase of the BII BRIDGE is dedicated for those who have already explanted (post-explant).

The content is laid out strategically, in an orderly fashion, and will guide you confidently out of your explant surgery with ease.

Here is the weekly content you can expect from Dr. Amelia and Christina.

What is the BII BRIDGE? http://christinasfitness.com/bii-bridge/

All of this content can be found on the membership platform and inside of the Warrior Phase Facebook Group.


Week 1: 

Post-Surgery Gut Health and Nutrition (PDF)

Dr. Amelia’s Body Wise Detox guide (PDF)

Guided Meditation with Christina (audio): Healing Is Possible For You 

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Week 2:

Gut Health – What Dr. Amelia Did (video)

How to Make Bone Broth with Dr. Amelia (video)

Dr. Amelia’s Instant Pot Bone Broth Recipe (PDF)

How to Make Your Own Ferments (video)

Dr. Amelia’s Fermentation Fundamentals – everything you’ll need + recipes (PDF)

33 Best Probiotics (photo)

EFT Session with Christina: Release Worry and Call In Healing, Patience and Self-Love

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Week 3:

Detox Shopping List for weeks 1-4 (PDF)

Labs Dr. Amelia can order for you to get a better understanding of what’s going on

Dr. Amelia discusses the 11 detoxification pathways, their role and how to open them up (PDF)

Dr. Amelia goes in depth about binders, which ones are the best and why they play an important role in detox

Christina talks about seeing your breasts for the first time (video)

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Week 4:

Scar Care – what we used and saw amazing success with!

Dr. Amelia talks about Candida and how to eliminate it (PDF)

Christina talks about having realistic expectations post explant (video)

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Week 5:

Detox Time! GI and Colon Detox begins this week (video and PDF)

Christina takes you through a powerful guided visualization: Detox My Cells (audio)

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Week 6:

Dr. Amelia goes over essential oils and non-toxic cleaning (PDF)

All about coffee enemas – how it works and benefits! (PDF)

Christina shows you how to process and release stuck emotions – and why it’s an important part of healing (video)

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Week 7:

Detox Time! Liver detox begins this week (video and PDF)

All about the immune system (PDF)

Christina talks about how stress hinders healing and what you can do to reduce it naturally (video)

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Week 8:

Detox Time! Kidney detox begins this week (PDF)

Dr. Amelia shares with you all the benefits, do’s and don’ts about infrared saunas

Christina talks about the truth about what self-love really is and how to honor yourself (video)

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Week 9:

Detox Time! Heavy metal and blood detox begins this week (video and PDF)

Christina talks about exercise after explant, how to get back into it safely + goes through a routine with you! (video)

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Week 10:

Dr. Amelia goes over nutrition for strong bones and why it’s important for women (PDF)

Top 10 essential oils for Breast Implant Illness symptoms (PDF)

Essential oil safety and benefits

Christina talks about dieting vs connecting to your body (video)

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Week 11:

Detox Time! Lymph detox begins this week (PDF)

Christina talks about the importance of the lymphatic system and shows you three of her favorite techniques to keep it healthy (video)

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Week 12:

Dr. Amelia and Christina join forces to check in with you on how you’re feeling and healing.

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As mentioned above, all the content is hosted in the exclusive BII BRIDGE website and inside of the Facebook Group.

Content that you have access to and get to keep forever!

After you finish all 12-weeks, that does not mean that we send you on your way and no longer help you. Nope, not us.

We are dedicated and committed to you and your success post-explant.

Dr. Amelia and Christina will continue to show up *Live* weekly inside of the Warrior Facebook Group community to:

  • inspire and empower you to keep going (something our members love us doing)
  • host Live mediations and EFT sessions
  • help you process emotions and stress that pop up out of nowhere
  • address your detox questions and make the proper adjustments if necessary
  • answer your specific questions about supplements and which brands are the best
  • share the latest findings regarding Breast Implant Illness, detox, health, healing modalities, and more

… and so much more.

With us by your side you will have certainty that what you’re doing and taking is right for YOU – depending on where YOU are along this journey, YOUR body, YOUR goals, YOUR budget, and YOUR lifestyle.

If you have any further questions about the BII BRIDGE, please email

Christina@biiBridgeProgram.com (emotional support questions)

Amelia@biiBridgeProgram.com (detox and questions with your health/symptoms)

Enroll today: https://biibridgeprogram.com/




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