The Truth And Misconception About “The Recommended Surgeon Lists”

I get messages all the time about “The Recommended Surgeon Lists” online and inside Facebook Groups and what to do if a surgeon isn’t on the list.

While I think it’s a great general list to start with, it should not be considered the “be all” list.

My advice to you would be:

* If you find a surgeon who will do a proper explant (en Bloc & capsulectomy)go with him/her. When it comes to explanting, this is really all you need to be concerned about – that they’ll get all the capsule and scar tissue out and take the implant and capsule out in one piece. If they believe in BII that’s an added bonus… but if they don’t, as long as they treat you with respect, that’s what counts. 

* If you find a surgeon who is NOT on “the list” it doesn’t mean that they’re not qualified to perform your explant surgery. It just means that they aren’t that popular or not enough women have used that particular surgeon. 

* There are thousands of surgeons all around the world that are NOT on “the list” that are fantastic surgeons who will do a proper explant and give you an awesome experience. I know women who used surgeons on “the list” that had horrific experiences and women who went with a surgeon not on “the list” who had exceptional results and care. The best thing you can do is post “I’m thinking about going with Dr. ___ for my explant – has anyone used him/her?” inside of whatever Group you’re in and hear real experiences. 

The lists you see out there are simply general recommendations of surgeons who come highly recommended by women who have used them. That’s it. Don’t allow anyone inside of a Group or online to brainwash you into thinking that “a surgeon is not qualified” just because they’re not on such list.


💖This is YOUR decision, YOUR body, YOUR health, YOUR life.


The Recommended Surgeon List” in Support Groups and on websites tend to be causing way too much confusion and concern with women, prolonging their explant. I personally see it almost daily from desperate women who feel stuck because a surgeon they want to use, who might even believe in Breast Implant Illness, isn’t on “The Recommended Surgeon List”. 



If you find a surgeon who can/will do an explant en Bloc with a capsulectomy – that’s your surgeon!


At the end of the day I recommend to be your own advocate, do your own research and do what’s right for you and your body.


You have my support… no matter which surgeon you chose ❤︎



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here’s to health, rejuvenation and massive self-love,
 ❤︎ Christina Roulund-Dennis
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