Full Body Workout – 4 Day Split, Plus One Day Plyometrics

LEGS/GLUTES/HAMMIES/Abs – 3 sets of 12:
SS1) Squats holding a dumbbell, each foot up on a platform/bench – toes slightly pointed out
*SS1) Jump squats x20
SS2) Walking lunges
*SS2) Jump lunges x20
SS3) Leg curl machine
*SS3) Box jumps x20
SS4) Deadlifts with dumbbells
SS4) Leg extension machine
*SS4) Pop squats x20
SS5) Kickbacks on the pulley machine while bending over a bench
SS5) Hip thrusts on the floor with a bar across your lap or with a plate
6 total sets of calves – standing calf raises and/or sitting calf press

BACK and CHEST – 4 sets of 12:
100 hanging knee raises
Hyperextensions – as many as you can do
Shrugs with light dumbells
Bent over one arm rows
Low row machine, hands supine/facing up (works upper back)
Straight arm pulldowns, wide grip attachment
Lat pull-downs, wide grip
Assisted pullup machine
Push ups
Chest press machine
Flyes with dumbbells

SHOULDERS – 3 sets of 12
100 hanging knee raises
SS1) Overhead press machine
SS1) Upright rows with curl bar
*SS1) Jump lunges
SS2) Alternating front raises with dumbbells
SS2) Arnold press
*SS2) Jumping jacks for 60 seconds
SS3) Front raises holding a 25lb plate (or x2-10lb plates)
SS3) Side raises with dumbbells (up together)
*SS3) Squats throwing a 4lb ball up against a wall above your head (Squat with the ball in your hands. As you come up, throw the ball against the wall. As you’re catching the ball, squat. Video on my IG page)
SS4) Front raises with a bar, hands supine/face up
SS4) Side raises on the pulley machine
*SS4) Box jumps x20

BICEPS and TRICEPS – 4 sets of 12
Hammerheads with dumbbell
Tricep kickbacks – both arms working together
Lying skullcrushers with a curl bar
*Mountain climbers x20
Rope pulldowns
Dips with feet up on bench and weight on your lap
Straight arm pulldowns with a bar
*High knees x20
Alternating dumbbell curls sitting on an inclined bench
Hammer curls, simultaneously, slow and controlled
Bicep curls with curl bar, slow and controlled
*Toe taps against a step/stair/platform x60 seconds
Preacher curls with a curl bar

One day of just plyometrics for 30 minutes – 60 seconds each exercise:
– Butt kicks
– Mummy kicks
– One leg hop with arm shuffle (each leg)
– Mountain climbers
– High knees
– Crab kicks

Abs 5 times a week, 3 sets of as many as you can do –
Flat bench leg pull-in
Jack knife sit up
Bicycle crunches
Exercise ball pull-in (push up position, feet on ball, pull ball in towards body)
Reverse crunch

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