Example Back Workout for the Gym

Today I only had a little more than an hour, so I knew I couldn’t do legs and I did arms and shoulders within the past few days – so I did back.

I only do back once a week because it develops fast on me and my back is already pretty toned up.

I started with Dumb Bell Bent Over Rows doing 3 sets of 10 with a 30lb weight.




Kneel over side of bench by placing knee and hand of supporting arm on bench. Position foot of opposite leg slightly back to side. Grasp dumbbell from floor.


Pull dumbbell to up to side until it makes contact with ribs or until upper arm is just beyond horizontal. Return until arm is extended and shoulder is stretched downward. Repeat and continue with opposite arm.

Then I immediately did Lower Back Extensions/Hyper-extensions holding 20lbs near my chest, 3 sets of 15.


I super-setted between these two exercises above, then moved onto these next two below.

Inverted Pull Ups on the Smiths Machine. 3 sets of 12 with my own body weight.

Starting Position
Set the Smith machine bar so that the bar height is below your chest height, but above your belly button. With your feet on the floor in a wide stance in front of the Smith machine, position your upper body underneath the bar of the Smith machine, holding the bar a little wider than shoulder-width apart with your palms facing down. Hang from the bar with your arms extended fully, and allow only the heels of your feet to touch the floor. Keep your body straight—don’t let your butt sag down.

Lever T-bar Row with 15 lbs (plates) loaded on. 3 sets of 10


After finishing these 2 exercises I moved over to the back machines.

Seated Dual Cable Rows. 60lbs 3 sets of 12


Lat Pull Downs 55lbs 3 sets of 12-15


Assisted Chin Ups with 130lb assist 3 sets of 12


I started around 10:45am and finished around 11:30. If you have any questions on how to do these please let me know. I included links to show you how these exercises are correctly done 🙂




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