About Becoming Size: Happy 8-Week Course

I’ve been pulled to create something for quite sometime now… and I want to run it by you.


Today I got the message (from the Universe, Spirit, God – whatever you call it) to say something, go all in and just go for it!!! I would love is your feedback on if you’d be interested in going through it and what else I can include.


Becoming Size: Happy – Mind & Body Program

It’d be 40 days/8 weeks of Group work, but done on an individual basis, at your own pace, from the privacy of your home.


It’s going to look and feel like this…


Included each week will be:


– a new AFFIRMATION (written on a beautiful sheet for you to print out and hang up) to help reframe your thoughts and help you attract and receive all the fun things you want out of life. #IDeserveEverythingIWant


EFT sessions to help you tap your way out of anxiety and pain and into love, forgiveness, radiant health, healing & confidence.


– Weekly full-body EXERCISES to get the blood pumping, joints loosened and keep your cardiovascular system, muscles & bones strong. You might even lose up to 10 pounds!


JOURNALING exercises that will get you manifest whatever you desire FAST. The way you write out what you want is SO important and has been proven to attract whatever you call in faster. #ActAsThough


– Guided VISUALIZATIONS and meditations to calm the mind, go within and get the answers from your higher self.


– Live Lessons on how to set firm boundaries without feeling like a bitch, manifestation, confidence, forgiveness, self-love without guilt, health & fitness tips, toxins and detox and more!


Plus I’m throwing in:

______ ⭐️ This is a mind/body program ⭐️ ______


If you were to stick self-love, confidence, energetics, positive thoughts, bliss, manifestation, healing vibes and a bunch of detoxification methods together in a blender, this is what the program would taste like.


Being a personal trainer for 11 years and a health & fitness coach for the last seven years, I notice that most women focus the majority of their attention on their body, looks and weight ~ neglecting their mindset, negative thoughts and uncomfortable emotions.


I’ve also recognized (without judgement) from my own personal battles with binge-eating disorder & Breast Implant Illness that lack of self-love, self-respect, self-worth, confidence and boundaries were at the root of both of those things.


I used to use food as therapy and a drug & I got breast implants because I thought they’d make me feel whole, prettier and make my life easier.


We all know how this chapter ends and where I’m at now with all of this 🙌🏼🥂💫


By the end of the 8 weeks you’ll feel:


  • excited to wake up each day
  • more energetic, bubbly and happier
  • more confident with yourself, your body, in your relationship and where you’re heading
  • empowered to make the necessary changes to Live an abundant life, full of joy, laughter and adventures
  • healthier, lighter and more flexible
  • stronger in every sense of the word!


I want to open this up to 10 women at first so that I can give you my full attention and all of me.


• If you know in your gut that you can be happier and healthier in any and all areas of life – and you want to be…


• If you would love to feel incredibly confident and get to a place of loving your body…


• If you wake up each day feeling like you aren’t living up to the potential you know you’re capable of…


• If you have big goals and dreams but feel too scattered, busy or uncertain of how to get them started…


• If you feel Ike you’re repeating the same unhealthy cycles with people, bad habits and your negative thoughts…


“Becoming Size: Happy” IS FOR YOU.


This is perfect for those who are waiting to explant, who feel anxious and worried, who want to make the explanting journey as beautiful and peaceful as possible -AND- for those who already explanted who are seeking an uplifting and high vibe support system, guidance and know that its more than just food and supplements that are required to heal the body post-explant.


An expert in the Netflix documentary “HEAL” recently claimed that she asked a group of cancer patients what they did to go into remission. Here were their answers:


  1. Radical changing your diet.
  2. Taking control of your health.
  3. Following your intuition.
  4. Using herbs and supplements.
  5. Releasing suppressed emotions.
  6. Increasing positive emotions.
  7. Embracing social support.
  8. Deepening your spiritual connection.
  9. Have a strong reason for living.


I’m going to go in depth with each one of these, how I interpret it, in my course.


Healing isn’t just about foods and supplements.
As you can see above, only two of the points list something physical – numbers one and four
Everything else is energy shifts, mindset work, connection and the power of thoughts, belief and your “why“.


  • Thoughts need to be reframed and reprogrammed.
  • Energy needs to be cleansed, purified and brought back into harmony.
  • The physical body needs the right tools to vibrate in a loving and healing frequency 24/7.
  • Trapped suppressed emotions need to be released and eliminated from our energy field/body.
  • Having a support system, especially being surrounded by like-minded women, is powerful and can move mountains fast.
  • Trusting in your gut instincts will never lead you wrong.
  • Deepening and strengthening your faith, even after all the trauma you’ve been through, is necessary.


I literally just got chills after reading though all this. To me, this means “alignment, do it, the world is ready.


As I sit here typing through the tears, I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude.


After decades of “struggles” I now see (and believe in) my strength, life purpose and mission before me.


Healing women has always been at the core of everything I’ve ever done – whether it be through fitness and health coaching, binge and emotional eating recovery coaching or walking into my role as a Breast Implants Illness leader, educator and voice.


If you’re still reading this far, you’re ready sister!


It would be my honor to have you, help you transform your health, relationships (with your body, self and spouse) and life + set get you to the point to where you can confidently teach this information with those closest to you so that all of mankind evolves, grows, expands their light and vibrates higher.


here’s to health, self-love and vibing high,
Christina Roulund-Dennis

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